Terra Madre Serbia

Let’s save together the traditional tastes of Serbia!

The first edition of Terra Madre Serbia will be held on the 30th and 31st of October in Futog (Novi Sad), and will gather small-scale farmers, academicians, food experts and activists from throughout the country to promote the role of small scale farmers as custodians of biodiversity and promoters of local development. The event will be held side to the well established event “Kupusijada” (the cabbage feast), the yearly celebration of local variety of cabbage.

slow-food-640x336For two days, the center of Futog will host a farmers’ market gathering 35 small-scale producers from every region of Serbia showcasing and selling their traditional products directly to costumers. It will not just be another market. Producers have been carefully selected by the Slow Food network through a 3-month field research supported by Institute for Food Technology in Novi Sad (FINS), where our members have travelled in and around the country to identify producers who safeguard artisanal and traditional food productions at risk of exitinction through their everyday work.

This field research was developed following the principles of the Ark of Taste project, launched by Slow Food to catalogue forgotten and endangered quality food products that belong to the cultures, history and traditions of the entire planet. To date, there are over 2600 products registered, 29 of which from Serbia.

Schermata 10-2457325 alle 10.25.17The event will also entail a conference titled “Preservation of typical products and food safety in Serbia in the European integration process” – held at Novi Sad Town Hall on the 30th of October at 10:00 am, which will shed light over the current path of EU accession in its implication for small-scale food producers facing new agriculture and food safety regulations, with speakers from European Food Safety Authority, Italian National Institute of Health, Serbian Ministery of Agriculture and Slow Food.

Terra Madre Serbia is an integral part of Terra Madre, the world network of food communities launched by Slow Food in 2004 in Turin (Italy). It brings small-scale farmers and food producers together with cooks, academics and the young generation to discuss how to improve the food system collaboratively and produce food in a sustainable, good, clean and fair way. Since that first event, meetings have been held at global and national level, resulting in projects that promote the exchange of knowledge around the world.

The event is organized within the framework of the project ESSEDRA, co-financed by the European Union towards DG Enlargement. Slow Food promotes the project with the goal of assisting the integration process of the Balkans and Turkey into Europe by strengthening civil society; namely its capacity to influence policies and to promote sustainable rural development.

Terra Madre Serbia is organised by Slow Food in Serbia, with the support of the City of Novi Sad, the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade, Italian Institute of Culture, AIS3- Association of Serbia and Italian scientists, and in partnership with the University of Novi Sad – Institute for Food Technology , and the weekly Blic Žena as the media partner.