Young Beekeepers of Native Bees of Rio Grande do Norte

Brazil - Honey

The Joca association was founded by a group of 20 young agroecologists, the children of farmers and beekeepers living in a small village in the Northeast Region. The group collects honey from native stingless bees like the Jandaira, Tubi, Mosquito Verdadeiro, Rajada and Moça Branca breeds, cultivates tropical fruits and raises local chicken and sheep breeds. Conscious of how agricultural activities can impact on the local environment, the young farmers are also planting tree species at risk of extinction. Their honey and honey products are sold and marketed through fair-trade distribution channels and at the local organic market.

Production area
Jandaira, Rio Grande do Norte, Northeast region


Francisco Melo Medeiros
Tel. +55 848719 3892