Velika Plana Small-Scale Producers

Serbia - Vegetables and vegetable preserves

Velika Plana is a village in the Great Morava valley, 90 kilometers south of Belgrade, The fact that almost every local family owns gardens and orchards makes it a minor example of food sovereignty. The area boasts a wealth of produce—from plums (used to make the classic spirit slivovica and slatko—to cabbages, from its renowned, sweet and juicy tomatoes to the peppers used to make ajvar, a sauce served at virtually every meal. The community is very active in the promotion of its gastronomic traditions, partly thanks to the support of a group of young people who have grasped the importance of returning to the land and developing agriculture to ensure a sustainable future for the community.

Production area
Velika Plana, Central Serbia


Ivana Radic
Tel. +381 637670178