Val Mongia Chestnut Custodians

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The community in Val Mongia stems from the desire to protect something that has always been at the center of its culture and economy: chestnuts. It is an area that through the years has experienced first hand, just like many other areas, the abandonment of the mountains and with it the chestnut woods. This has resulted in a lack of maintainence of the tools associated with chestnut cultivation. All of this is closely linked to the cultural, social and economic impoverishment of the mountains and is placing the hydrogeological system at risk, as can be seen by the periodic mudslides that have been happening.
The community was formed with the aim of saving the landscape of Val Mongia through the study of the problems linked to chestnut cultivation and the search for sustainable environmental solutions to confront the present problems (the first of which is the gall wasp).
The community would also like to form a network that encourages local businesses (bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, etc.) to use the chestnuts in their products. Furthermore they will study the best way to recuperate artifacts related to the production of chestnuts (drying rooms, walls, etc.) in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Finally, they hope to create a didactic chestnut grove that is open to the public, with hikes and excursions for schools, various cultural associations and organized groups.

Production Area
Val Mongia, Cuneo province


Ettore Bozzolo
Tel. +39 339 1751720