Trebinje Poljak Bean Growers

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Legumes

The Petrovo Polje cooperative is made up of around 50 producers of wine, cheese and vegetables (particularly beans), in the Trebinje region on the Croatian border. The cheese of the region is called škripavac, made with Pramenka raw sheep milk or a blend of milks, the name deriving from the noise it makes when it is chewed. The Poljak bean is a wrinkled dwarf variety, and comes in different colors. Although it comes in different shapes and colors, the bean is found in every country in the Balkans, particularly in the hot, arid regions of Dalmatia and Herzegovina, where it was widespread until 20 years ago. It is a hardy plant, needing neither feeding nor irrigation, which, in certain vegetative phases, reduce its growth. While in other areas seeds have been selected based on color or size, the producers of Petrovo Polje have not altered the bean varieties, thus safeguarding the diversity and characteristics of the original wild legume.

Production area
Petrovo Polje, Trebinje, Republika Srpska


Gordana Radovanovic
Tel. +387 65577271