Tanlili Soumbala Producers

Burkina Faso - Spices, wild herbs and condiments

The Union Namanegbzanga des Groupement Villageois de Tanlili (UNGVT) brings together 44 groups: 20 men’s groups, with 1,400 members; 11 women’s groups, with 1,367 members; and 13 mixed groups, with 3,292 members.
Karité butter and soumbala, two basic ingredients of the traditional sauce, are the focus of women’s activities. Soumbala is a yellow edible powder extracted from the fruit of the neré tree, which grows in sandy soil up to a height of 20 m, and produces long, flat, slightly curved pods, with a rich sugar, mineral salt and vitamin content. The highly nutritional seeds are gathered, washed, stored for three days until they decompose, and then rolled into tiny balls. This product is used widely throughout Africa as a basis for all kinds of sauces and as a condiment for rice, millet and meat dishes. It is believed to have therapeutic effects against hypertension.

Production Area
Central plateau region


Ludmilla Yvette Ouédraogo
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