Serra da Canastra Cheesemakers

Brazil - Milk and milk products

Serra da Canastra is in a mountainous region of southeastern Brazil, with a microclimate well suited to cheese production. Cheese has been made in Canastra for over 200 years and the traditions are recognized as part of Brazil’s cultural heritage. The local economy revolves around cheese production, which also has huge social and cultural significance.
Two associations (APROCAN and APROCAME) unite a total of around 60 producers and were created with the aim of improving the quality of Canastra’s cheese in order to find new markets and bring it out from the underground, as it is made with raw milk. Currently Minas Gerais state law only allows Canastra cheeses to be sold within the state, and continues to ban their sale in other Brazilian states.

Production area
Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais state, Southeast region


Luciano Carvalho Machado