Producers of Local Varieties of Fruit and Vegetables

Belarus - Miscellaneous

The Ostrovez district community is composed of about 30 people, centered on the village of Kovali (the word means “smith”). The producers’ activities include the selection, distribution and conservation of seeds and other means of propagating indigenous varieties of potato, onion, cabbage and beetroot, and of apples, pears, plums, cherries, sour cherries and small fruit such as gooseberries, blackberries, redcurrants and raspberries. Everything is family-grown, with helpers only taken on for seasonal work, and organic certification is of great importance. The goods are distributed through a chain of shops, at trade fairs and at farmers’ markets, all of this organized by the association.

Production Area
Ostrovez, Grodno province

Community Coordinator
Labachevski Chaslau
Tel. +375 1591 2-27-94, 2-02-59