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Situated in southern Herzegovina, Popovo polje is one of the largest karsk plains in the country. Since ancient times it has been considered a fertile land, and has always been considered the bread basket of southern Herzegovina. For centuries, an ancient type of maize has been cultivated. It is said to have been introduced in the 18th century; it is small, dark, yellow and characterized by a rapid maturation period. Its name, brzac or stodanas, means fast – as it matures in only 100 days. What sets this maize apart is that once it has been ground it gives a white flour which is widely appreciated for its use in traditional places like prijesnac, a type of pie made with corn flour, flour, eggs and fresh cheese. The flour is ground in one of the last functioning water mills along the river Trebisnjica. Unfortunately, only a small group of producers keeps these original seeds alive, which have largely been substituted with more productive hybrid varieties.

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