Network of Producers and Consumers of Central Java

Indonesia - Cereals and flours

Gita Pertiwi, an NGO is that is engaged in environmental and women’s issues in different regions in Indonesia. The organisation facilitates women farmers to develop environmentally friendly agriculture by educating them in farmer field schools in more that 7 districts in Java. Gita Pertiwi also faciliates the co-operation of both the producer & healthy consumers in a few regions and the intention is to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. The focus is on the production of healthy rice from Ngawi and Boyolali, as well as vegetables & fruits within an organic system. Other activities involve the organisation of farmers to build a marketing network and also on the other hand the encouragment of consumers movement in the two cities of Solo & Boyolali.
One such example is in the village of Klaten in Central Java. The women in the village are active in cultivating various food products such as rice, vegetables and beans and are involved in various activities regarding agricultural & health issues and how to develop a healthy local agricultural buisness.

Production Area
Klaten, Java


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