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Belarus - Bread and baked goods - Cakes, pastries and sweets

This community’s family-run bakery ŽORNY (“little mill” in Belarusian), situated in the city of Minsk, is a cultural initiative that focuses on the study and revival of Belarus’s national cuisine, while respecting the environment. The community is made up of young people who produce a number of traditional breads using three main ingredients: water, salt and organic rye, wheat or barley flour. A specialty bread is made by adding oak leaves, dried apples, honey and sometimes potatoes.
The bakers use sourdough techniques and traditional Belarusian recipes recovered from 19th-century cookbooks. Sweet baked goods (cookies, honey cake, fruit jellies) are made with minimal sugar, sweetened instead with fresh and dried fruit and honey. The low production volumes – between 500 and 700 kilos a year – do not allow the products to be sold regularly. Instead they are consumed by the community and made available upon request for fairs and festivals.

Production Area
Minsk Region


Aliaksandr Pryshyvalka
Tel. +375 29 195 90 65