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Slow Food Mahal’s and Seferihisar Nature School’s primary focus is on indigenous olive tree pastures of the Aegean Sea. Indigenous olive tree pastures, extending across western and southern Turkey, are unique anthropogenic habitats where grazing and olive oil production have been going on for at least two thousand years. Olive trees in these areas are not planted, but propagated via grafting of wild olive trees. The ecosystem is extremely diverse and hosts numerous endemic and threatened animal and plant species. Seferihisar Nature School named the olive oil of Orhanlı Village, at the Mahal Hills of Izmir, as “Slow Olive Oil” in 2013. The Slow Food team in Mahal works closely with local producers and farmers to better understand and document the production cycle of the “Slow Olive Oil” of Orhanlı Village as well as raise awareness on the value of the landscapes where it is produced.

Production Area
Mahal hills, Seferhisar


Eken Güven
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