Local Milk Processors of Kadiogo

Burkina Faso - Milk and milk products

AFTLK is a unique association with just five women members who manage their dairy farm and store, where fresh cow milk is processed into cheese and yogurt.
It was established to back up FROMAC, the central dairy located in the capital which is a family operated concern founded in 1974 by Regina Edith Ouedraogo. At this establishment, 15 people, 10 of them women, work together to transform cow and zebu milk, coming in on a daily basis from cooperatives of Peul shepherds, many of whom have given up nomadic life to settle on the outskirts of the capital as a means to facilitate the sale of their products.
Thus, the task of the AFTLK is to promote local milk-based products, enhancing their value and fostering the development of skills across the sector.

Production Area


Kounnoma Regina Edith Ouedraogo
Tel. +226 50341313/ +226 70206400