Bakers, breeders and producers of Kobrin

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The Kobrin producers’ community operates in the Polesie region. This is in the province of Brest, in southwestern Belarus, near the Polish border. Polesie is famous for its woodland and marshlands but it is also known for various types of bread and marinated vegetables. The community has around 36 members who rear pigs, chickens, ducks and geese. In addition to this there is a type of rye bread, called bokhan, produced there. Some of the most popular vegetables are marinated cucumbers. These are prepared following ancient recipes using oak leaves, sour black cherries, raspberries, horseradish, wild fennel and garlic. The community has recently invested in a young orchard and begun to grow apples. These products are sold at the local market and guests of the local bed and breakfast.

Production Area
Kobrin, Brest province


Nina Hlavatskaya
Tel. +375 16 42 49 011
Fax +375 1642 74 201