Indigenous Community of La Estrella, Salta

Argentina - Vegetables and vegetable preserves

The Wichis ethnic community of La Estrella is located near the Río Pilcomayo in the province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina. Thirty-six families (180 people) endure in this very remote area, a bare and minimally fertile land. The primary activies are fishing, handicrafts, and a small amount of goat herding and agriculture, all used for their own sustenence. The production of smoked peppers is a relatively profitable activity, thanks to which the area’s inhabitants are able to survive without having to seek work in other cities. The production process includes sowing, transplanting, harvesting, drying, smoking, and grinding, all of which takes 10 months and is done entirely within the community itself. The smoking phase uses local forest wood, which gives the finished product a distinctive aroma, while the grinding phase is done using a stone mill. The entire process takes place without the use of chemical agents.
The community leader is currently training the youngest members of the group on production techniques, in order to grow production volume and keep the young from having to leave the community to seek work in the city.

Production Area
Province of Salta


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