Gulmu Sesame Producers

Burkina Faso - Agricolture

Baantia Saala Hambu-PO (ABSAHAPO), an association active in the eastern part of the country, brings together 10 groups of men and women, about thirty people in all, who grow sesame according to an organic method recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Burkina Faso with a quality certificate. Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is an oil-producing plant. Its pods contain small egg-shaped seeds, white or cream-colored, in quantities ranging from 600 to 1,300 kg per hectare, yielding an oil content of between 50 and 53%. Sesame can be processed into a variety of food products (sweets, oil, poultry feed). Moreover, the community produces peanuts, which are toasted for consumption or pressed to make an oil used widely in local dishes.

Production Area
Eastern region, province of Gnagna


Larba Ouoba
Tel. +226 70241631