Garango Shea Butter Producers

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ASVT (Association pour la Sauvegarde des Valeurs Traditionelles/Association for the Safeguarding of Traditional Values) active in the province of Dollebou is a rural organization of women that engage primarily in the harvesting of karité nuts and the extraction, processing and marketing of butter. This vegetable fat has always been a basic staple in the local diet and is used to cook many diverse dishes. It is also a valuable export product, that is brought by confectionery and cosmetic producers. The Picking and extraction activities provide work for about 150 women. The association produces soap by mixing karité butter with coconut, neem (Azadirachta indica) or cotton oil. Karité production is a key factor in the country’s economy, as it contributes 7 million USD a year to the national balance of trade (main outlet markets: Europe and Canada). It is therefore important from both a social and the cultural viewpoint. The communities that produce Garango karité butter have a production potential of 10 tonnes per year.

Production area
Garango, Burkina Faso, Central-East Region


Fatimata Bernadette Monné Guingani
Tel. +226 50436421/ +226 76694440