Central Plateau Forest Product Promoters

Burkina Faso - Spices, wild herbs and condiments

Established in 1995, Amifob (Amicale des Forestières du Burkina Faso) is a professional organization of women who study environmental issues with a view to promoting forest products, especially those intended for human consumption. Amifob collaborates with a dozen grassroots groups, one of which – the Nabonswendé women’s group – manages a botanical garden jointly with Amifob. The community has developed initiatives, including some aimed at cooks and restaurant owners, for the promotion of spontaneous legume crops, wild fruits, and vegetable fats.
The products are harvested and processed for household consumption and are sold on the local markets and in the cities. Some products, like the leaves and fruits of the baobab and the zamné (Acacia macrostachya), are exported to neighboring countries.

Production Area
Ouagadougou, Kadiogo province.


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