Ezeddine Artisan Charfia Fishers


Kerkennah is a small archipelago of 10 islands in the Gulf of Gabes. Called “the nursery of the Mediterranean,” for some decades the gulf has been suffering from a slow decline. The symbol of the gulf is the date palm, and for centuries the tree has been at the heart of the local people’s activities, including traditional fishing. The charfia, for example, is a kind of fixed maze used for catching fish, constructed from 4,000 date palm leaves. The leaves are also used to build basket-like traps, which are easy for fish and octopus to enter but hard for them to escape from. These days, illegal fishing is forcing the fishers to go out further and further from the coast and use increasingly unsustainable equipment, and the traditional methods are falling into disuse. In Ezeddine, a group of artisan fishers has joined together to protect the sea and draw attention to the importance of proper management.

Production area
Kerkennah island


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