Ermelo Orange Growers

Portugal - Agricolture

The microclimate in Ermelo allows excellent oranges to grow in the area. The story goes that orange growing was introduced to the area in the 12th century by Cistercian Monks, thanks to their agronomic knowledges. Ermelo oranges are seedless and juicy with a thin peel, and are grown organically. In 1996 Ermelo’s Local Development Association (ADLE) was founded by the church priest, who is still its president today. The aims of this organization are the protection of the orange growers, and the promotion and sale of the fruit. The association also has a registered trademark, “Laranja de Ermelo”, issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property. The annual orange production amounts to about 20,000 kilos, and this activity is an extremely important source of income for the local population.

Production Area
Ermelo, Arco de Valdevez, Minho


Jorge Miranda
Tel. + 351 258 520 503; +351961731481