Elbasan Olive Oil Producers

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Three associations of 380 olive growers from the municipalities of Shirgjan, Gostime, Belesh, and Mollas came together to form the FBE (Agricultural Federation of Elbasan), with the goal of improving and developing the district’s local products, particularly olive oil. Three co-operative olive mills are now in operation, equipped with small-to-medium continuous-cycle presses. After acidity analysis, the oil is stored in stainless steel cans inside which it decants naturally. Members grow mainly local varieties of olives: koker madhe, elbasanit and mixan. Old wooden presses, clay storage jars that are found in the cellars of historic houses and the existence of the traditional sweet fuli, are all testament to the a long-standing production of olive oil in Elbasan

Production area
Shirgjan, Gostime, Belesh, and Mollas, district of Elbasan


Dhimiter Piligriu
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