Education project and school meals, Lazar Tanev Secondary School, Skopje

North Macedonia - Education projects

In Macedonia, the ‘Lazar Tanev’ Secondary School, a public school in Skopje is working with the Sharplaninska Convivia to improve the meal service within the school. The project follows Slow Food Educational projects, beginning with Taste Education and creating a network within the school. Their project is entitled ‘ Grow and Prepare, Taste, Learn and Share’ and its primary goal is to raise awareness among students and the community about the importance of studying food and understanding how it is produced, sold and consumed. Currently, the canteen does not provide hot food to the 1120 students, but does serve pastries and cold sandwiches. Currently the school buys its supplies wholesale. They intend to expand the school garden to include a small vegetable and herb garden. For Terra Madre Day, the school organised a local products bazaar, which involved two other food communities from Macedonia.

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