ECASARD – Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

Ghana - Agricolture

The Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (ECASARD) – established by the Christian Council of Ghana and by the Catholic Episcopal Conference – works for sustainable agriculture and rural development. It is a decentralized network, founded in 1991 and it operates in seven central and southern regions of Ghana. It is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization which works to reinforce and encourage its members activities in sustainable agriculture and rural development, enhancing networking, capacity building and advocacy in collaboration with other stakeholders. Their ultimate goal is to increase food production and reduce rural poverty, promoting technologies that are economically viable, socially just, cultural accepted and ecologically sound. ESCARD is governed by a board of trustees, and the projects it has completed so far (as well as those still ongoing) include: organic farming training, education and awareness activities, promotion of agricultural innovations, sustainable management of natural resources, promotion of alternative sustenance , advocacy activities (eg, creating links between farmers and the schools’ food program).

Area of activity
Southern and middle Ghana


Amoah King-David Kwao
President of ECASARD
+233 - 243863567