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In some areas of the Strandzha mountain massif and the Balkans, it is still possible to come across small free-range pigs tended by swine-herds. The East Balkan Black is an ancient indigenous Bulgarian breed that was developed mainly though natural selection with minimal human interference, and recognized around the 9th and 10th centuries. It is raised above all for the quality of its meat, which is eaten fresh or as the main ingredient in Smyadovska lukanka, a traditional, much-loved dried sausage with a unique flavor. The number of head began to decline under socialism, and the progressive abandonment of artisan breeding techniques took the breed to the verge of extinction. In 2011 there were officially only 930 sows and 72 boars left in Bulgaria on 24 controlled livestock farms. This is why a group of small breeders began to promote the breed and its byproducts and, as a result, the Eastern Balkan Black Pig is once more attracting interest on the national and international markets.

Area of production
Balkan Mountains and the Strandzha Mountain Massif


Dessislava Dimitrova
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