Dzerghinsk Region Farmers

Belarus - Vegetables and vegetable preserves

This community is based in the village of Nakvasu, in the Dzerghinsk district, not far from the capital, Minsk. The agricultural activities of the Vasilek farm involve around a hundred people. The main crop is horseradish, which covers 240 hectares of land, while smaller plots are used to grow potatoes, cabbages and carrots.
Spicy horseradish sauce is an integral part of Belarusian cuisine. Fresh horseradish roots are sold to local processors, but recently the community has been considering the possibility of organizing their own processing and packaging to add extra value to their work. The community has asked for the collaboration of researchers from the Agricultural University of Belarus for assistance in increasing the quality of its products.

Production Area
Nakvasu village, Dzerghinsk district, Minsk province


Vasili Viarheichyk
Tel. +375 171620181