Dubica Bjelčić’ Corn Producers

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In the region located at the foothill of Mount Kozara (Potkozarje in local language), an old white corn variety called ‘Bjelčić’, has been sustained by homegrown production through seed sharing. Its basic feature is its white kernel, which gives the name to the variety (‘bijel’ in local language means ‘white’), and it is often cultivated in conjunction with climbing beans called ‘trkljanac’. This variety of corn is only cultivated by a few households. It is widely unknown by urban dwellers in the nearby towns, which is why the local Slow Food Potkozarje Podgrmec convivium is promoting it to the wider public, by demonstrating that this delicious corn can be used in preparation of a whole variety of traditional dishes. From ‘cicvara’, part and parcel of the Serbian Orthodox Christmas breakfast in the region, through various recipes of ‘pura’ or ‘žganci’ (a sort of local polenta), to cornbread, and nearly died out dishes of corn milk and ‘šen’, a long-cooked dish made of coarse-ground cornmeal the corn demonstrates its value to the region.

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