Dr Ion Ratiu Nursery Learning Community in Turda

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More fruit and vegetables less waste and teaching about quality food is high on the agenda for the Dr Ion Ratiu Nursery pre-school in the city of Turda, Romania. Situated in the mountainous region of Turda, in central north of the country, the school is embarking on this mission by growing their own fruit and vegetables and using the garden as an educational tool to foster a sense of appreciation for food that is good, clean and fair. Over 40 children from four to seven years old from the pre-school directly benefit from the project. In the same area, another eight schools comprising over 200 students, 20 teachers and 30 volunteers also benefit from being a part of the developing ‘Slow Food in the Canteen’ project. Improving daily food habits of their students has one major challenge for those involved in the project: the school has no canteen on the school grounds and elementary school children go home before lunch time. This learning community participates in the "European Schools for Healthy Food" project, which is financed by the EU Commission, and aims to promote the consumption of fresh food in school canteens.

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