Dinsho Kollo Producers

Ethiopia - Cereals and flours

Bale is the most important region in Ethiopia for growing barley (it is not a coincidence that the only Ethiopian brewery is to be found here), and the village of Dinsho is unanimously considered to be the most highly appreciated zone for the production of roasted barley, known as kollo or Akayi in the local language. The seeds are steeped in boiling water for two or three minutes (30 kg for 10 liters of water) and they are then roasted on a big circular iron plate placed directly over the fire, on a support of clay stones. The women occupied in its preparation stir the seeds continuously on the open fire for 10-15 minutes using a wooden stick with a curved point. Once the roasting is finished it is ground for a few minutes in the mortar. There are about 50 producers and they sell kollo on the road for 9 Ethiopian birr per kilogram.

Production Area
Dinsho, Bale Mountains National Park, Oromia region


Rita Tekle Tesfaye