Comoé-Léraba Protected Forest Promoters

Burkina Faso - Agricolture

The Comoé-Léraba forest takes its name from the two rivers that converge here. This area is protected because it represents a rare example of still-intact closed-canopy forest in sub-Saharan Africa. The community comprises 17 villages on the edge of the protected area that promote activities compatible with nature conservation, from encouraging responsible tourism to promoting forest foods like honey and shea fruit. The community also cultivates red rice (Oriza glaberrima) and produces a local beer by fermenting millet or red sorghum (known as tchapalo or dolo) and epois sucré (Cyperus esculentus), a small tasty tuber.
The community collaborates with the Vercelli Provincial Authority, the Lame del Sesia Park and a consortium of Piedmontese NGOs, part of the Piedmont Regional Authority’s program for food security and the fight against poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

Production Area
Comoé and Léraba provinces, Cascades region


Community Coordinator
Mamadou Karama
tel. +226 70260694