Community of Racha Ham Producers

Georgia - Cured meats and meat products

Pig breeding is one of the main activities around Racha, a mountainous region at the Russian border covered with thick oak woods, where the pigs providing the famous hams graze. The village of Chiora has 178 families, almost all involved in the laborious production. Salted and smokes for 40 days with pine and oak bark, the meat has an intense flavor and aroma and keeps a long time. The village is also known for its cultivation of a bean, the zulispira, which belongs to the Vigna genus and thus precedes the arrival of beans from America. Resistant to the extreme temperatures, unlike other legumes it can be cultivated at high altitudes. The seeds in the pods are dried and made into flour for bread.

Production Area
Chiora, district of Ambrolauri


Gia Zhorzholiani