Buwasiba Youth Farmers

Uganda - Spices, wild herbs and condiments - Vegetables and vegetable preserves

Since 2015, when an association was formed, 15 youth in Buwasiba village started practicing farming together as their main economic activity. Members (eight female and seven male) are all under the age of 35. They grow many different products like cassava, banana plantain (matooke) and sweet banana (bogoya), maize, beans, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, onions, as well as fruit trees (jackfruit and avocado). They also prepare malewa, a special mountain product made from wild bamboo shoots. The group practices intercropping and they always use organic animal manure and poultry droppings, plus green manure/compost. The activities are carried out in plots of land belonging to different people.

Anthony Rhawera is 32 and the founder of the group; he brought the interested farmers together and initiated the idea of working together to start saving funds and to access microgrants. The members always look for fair markets to sell their products. In May 2016 they started collaborating with the Slow Food Youth Network of Uganda; in February 2017 they joined together to create and run the Manafwa Earth Market where they are especially appreciated for the bananas and malewa products.

Production area
Buwasiba village, Buputo sub-county, Manafwa District


Anthony Rhawera
Tel. +256 778177205