Brusturoasa-Palanca Learning Community, Romania

Romania - Education projects

Following Terra Madre 2008, a group of Romanian delegates decided to bring the lessons learnt back to their community and initiated a small project with a group of 20 children ranging in ages 6-13 years. The Brusturoasa Palanca convivium which includes many small local producers as members, is based between two mountain villages in the Bacau County, which is in an area of exceptional natural resources. A local environmental group, Earth Friends, joined forces with Slow Food to strenghten the links between food and the territory, and to raise awareness in the local community. The aim of the project was to promote “local slow food” of the area, foods which people had eaten in the past, and to also look at skills needed to produce and different uses of these foods, e.g. medicinal herbs, natural remedies. Working in the summer holidays with local kids, many trips to local producers and local vegetable and flower gardens were organised.

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