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In collaboration with one of the city’s schools, the Beriosa Convivium has created a project to improve the daily food choices of students and to promote local consumption through sensory education and direct experience. The learning community unites producers, students, parents and teachers with the aim of giving the children multisensory tasting experiences, explaining to them the use of the five senses; presenting locally produced artisanal food and comparing it to industrial products; and introducing children to food producers. The students cook traditional dishes together and producers are invited to the school to present their products. The lessons are part of the curriculum and are held in the classroom and the school garden made available to every school, or directly in the fields of producers who offer a space for experimentation for the children.

Activity Area
Kobrin, Beriosa and Batchi villages, Brest region


Aliaksandr Kudrautsau
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