Boayaba women’s community

Burkina Faso - Fruit, nuts and fruit preserves

The Boayaba women’s community in the village of Mahadaga, commune of Logobou, Diapaga province, was set up in 2008 by 13 women who wanted to develop agricultural business to increase their incomes.The women raise and process forest produce, like wild fruits and preserves under oil with traditional seasonings.
Some of the women produce Otonpienou, a traditional product of the region at risk of extinction thanks to its high labor cost (72 hours). Otonpienou is a spice made from baobab seeds which are fermented and dried and can then be used in sauces. Since 2014 the women have been taking part in training to help them make soaps from vegetable oil and traditional products from the region. The women sell their products on the market and the Ministry of Agriculture has found them a premises where they can sell their labors.

Production Area
East Logobou region.