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Beriosa is in eastern Belarus, just 100 kilometers from the Polish border. The Slow Food Beriosa Convivium, in collaboration with the local middle school, has been working with 120 pupils aged between 9 and 15. The aim is to introduce them to multi-sensory tasting through the use of all five senses, to present high-quality local artisanal foods and to compare them and their production methods to industrial versions. In 2008, the children took part in themed lessons on honey, fish, milk and dairy products and meat and cured meats, and cooked traditional recipes together. Since 2009 the program has been expanded to include the teaching material from the education kit “To the Origins of Taste.” The convivium has been asked to continue with the theoretical lessons on good, clean and fair food and to continue the regular themed meetings with producers. A school garden has since been founded where the students grow thier own vegetables, as well as another garden was created in which medicinal plants are grown.

Production area
Beriosa, Brest region


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