Banfora Red Rice Producers

Burkina Faso - Cereals and flours

The Banfora producers of red rice (Oryza glaberrima) work in the Comoé protected area. In the villages, the men cultivate the fields while the women manage the smaller plots. As part of the activities to promote the local rice launched with AGEREF, the women in the villages of Ouangolodougou and Siniéna are working to increase the production of white rice and revive the cultivation of red rice so that it is not lost. They have been trained in how to obtain added value from their production. Now around 40 women in each village are working as volunteers to start a Presidium for red rice. This native variety has less sugar than white rice and is recommended for diabetics. It is cultivated in small quantities and consumed during rituals and ceremonies. An agreement has also been signed with the INRA in order to have good-quality seeds. The women want to continue their promotion of the red rice, improving its quality during husking and when sold.

Production area
Comoé protected area