Aries Valley Producers

Romania - Agricolture

The city of Turda and its surrounding villages lie in the Aries Valley, an area in northeast Transylvania particularly suited to agriculture. Gastronomic products celebrated throughout the country come from here, like vegetables from Mihai Viteazu, sweet red onions from Moldovenesti and potatoes and cabbages from Viisoara.
In recent years Turda has become a source for many initiatives supporting the short chain and small-scale producers. These include the Turda farmers’ market, where producers sell their local products on a weekly basis. Slow Food Turda is very active in promoting sensory and food education programs like school gardens, which have been established in six of the city’s schools.

Production Area
Turda, Cluj district, Transylvania

Community Coordinator
Marta Pozsony
tel. +40 746366728