Arbolé Yam Producers

Burkina Faso - Agricolture

Agriculture is one of the main activities in the village of Arbolé, 80 kilometers from the capital of Ouagadougou. Arbolé is known for the production of a typical yam variety, particularly suited to the arid soil here, but now at risk of extinction due to its low yields. In 2010, the producers’ association (which currently unites 100 farmers) became aware that the number of yam growers had fallen dramatically. Annual production was less than 10 tons, and only 24 farmers were still growing the tuber. A number of technical experts and association members came together to share their ideas about how to revive production. Equipment was provided to the producers along with tractors and other materials, and training was provided on fertilizing the soil with organic manure. Once demand for the product grew, the producers tackled the issue of seed availability; the Environment Fund has now provided a one-hectare field for reproducing seeds.

Production area
Plateau Centrale


Salam Ouedraogo
Tel. +226 71284280