Akmola Traditional Dairy Producers

Kazakhstan - Milk and milk products

This community is composed of women from the village of Karabulak, in the northern province of Akmola. The community was organized in 2009 through an initiative of the Olzhas farm. Today the community involves women who not only make traditional dairy products (nauryz-kozhe, baday-kozhe, nur-kozhe, kymyz, tangy, shalap), but also women who work to organize various types of events for farmers, retired people and children. The community members pasture the livestock in the summer and work together to cultivate fodder. They also promote organic production as well as the conservation and restoration of degraded pastureland. They apply a “green belt” system, that has been used by the Kazakh people since ancient times. The community sells its products in the town of Stepnogorsk and at other local markets.

Production Area
Karabulak, Akmola province


Gulmaira Baimakova
Tel. +7 716 45 4 22 02, +7701 1227182
Fax +771645 42202