Aglou Artisan Fishers and Cooks

Morocco - Fish, sea food and fish products

At Aglou, a small seaside village in the province of Tiznit, in southeast Morocco, 20 or so artisan fishers and nine cooks have decided to spread knowledge about the abundance of fish in local waters and raise awareness about the importance of traditional fishing practices respectful of the sea and the work of local communities. In 2012 they joined forces to create an association and organize the Tigri festival, dedicated to mollusks and artisan fishing, a yearly event that offers an opportunity to combine good food, conviviality and debate about the problems of the sea and the risks of irresponsible fishing. The name given to the festival is an Amazigh word connected with the culture of the sea and traditional fishing; it refers both to the activities involved in gathering seafood (mussels, limpets, octopuses, shrimp, crabs and so on), and to the period of time, at low tide, when the sea goes out and bares the rocks where the mollusks live.

Production area
Aglou, province of Tiznit, Souss-Massa region


Abdellah Aarab
Tel. +212668699457