Adekekwok millet women producers

Uganda - Agricolture - Cereals and flours

Due to a civil war that took place in northern Uganda, women in this group spent about 7 years in a refugee camp known as Teso bar Camp in Lira Town and some of them are widows. The Adekekwok millet community is an organized group in which members work together in farming activities. Members do a lot traditional substance farming as a source of income. They gather every Saturday to learn new agricultural skills and share knowledge about different crops like millet, cassava, sorghum, groundnuts, maize, beans and fruit trees. A mixture of millet, cassava and sorghum is the community’s staple dish. The 3 raw materials are processed and grinded into flour which is turn is used to prepared porridge. In Adekekwok millet community, women prepare the flour in a traditional way and sell it off in the near-by markets together with groundnuts, peas and oranges. They come together to discuss issues and have started a community garden in which they share knowledge of good, clean and fair food in order to improve their wellbeing.

Production area
Boroboro village, Adekekwok Sub-County, Lira District, northern Uganda, Lango sub-region


Sarah Akello Awong
Tel. +256 772001905