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The Opening Ceremony

Terra Madre was officially opened in a ceremony marked by an explosion of color brought by the flags from 161 countries, and the sounds of indigenous tongues from the five continents. The occasion marked the beginning of the fourth biannual gathering of food communities cooks, academics, youth and musicians - united in a desire to promote sustainable local food production in harmony with the environment while respecting knowledge handed down over the generations.

In celebration of Terra Madre 2010's focus on the cultural and linguistic diversities, speakers from five continents welcome to the 6,000-plus participants in their native tongues. Representatives from Australian aborigines, the Gamo (Ethiopia), the Kamchadal (Russia), the Sami (Sweden) and the Guaranì (Brazil) spoke of the plight of their native people and the importance of preserving their values and traditions for future generations.

“My people's ancestors were farmers, and we have grown up as farmers,” said Malebo Mancho Maze, from the Gamo of Ethiopia who spoke in his native tongue, “We have inherited crop varieties and we have a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation. In this life, if we keep food in our hands our future will be secure.”

The need to value traditional knowledge and combine it with scientific research for the future was emphasized by Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini in his speech. “We must have a dialogue between science and traditional knowledge,” he said. “The main holders of this knowledge are native peoples, women, farmers and elders. Not only should they be listened to, but should be at the front line for the challenges this world and the crisis present us. Yet these are the people least considered by politicians and media.”

Click here to download the english version of Carlo Petrini's speech
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